3 Ways To Make Your Storefront Signage More Appealing To Customers

Your store is all about attracting new business, and you want to make sure your signage displays your products or services appropriately. The right sign will be seen from across a parking lot and will have a lot of engaging verbiage and hues to bring curious passersby inside. Here are 3 ways to make your storefront signage more appealing to your customers so you can keep your business growing strong.

Go modern

Classic block lettering may be easy to read for people passing by, but it doesn't make your sign stand out among your nearby competitors. Go modern in your sign's verbiage by using airbrushing to create an almost graffiti effect that gives you lasting appeal. Consider ombre hues that fade into different colors, such as yellow into green or blue fading into a lovely violet. When choosing airbrushing, it's wise to choose a large, bold font with non-connecting letters so your sign is easy to read from a distance.

Opt for exciting verbiage

Use call-to-action verbiage that makes potential customers feel like they have something to gain by entering your store. Call-to-action verbiage includes:

  • Sale now, ends today
  • New customer discount
  • Refer a friend
  • Buy one, get one half off

Only use call-to-action verbiage that you are willing to follow through with, avoiding promises that sound too good to be true. Adding words such as 'free consult', 'end-of-spring discount' or 'free fitting' can help draw people in by offering something they need or want before they even walk in the door.

Change your sign often

Every few months you want to update your sign so it appears fresh and inviting. Whether you do this by changing around the verbiage, adding new color, or even placing your sign in a new location, you can keep your business fresh by making your sign different so customers don't become immune to its overall message. Decorating your sign with large balloons, light borders, or even adding a digital sign to your business can help you remain fresh in your customers' eyes.

Your sign tells a lot about your business, and is often the very first thing people see when they walk or drive by your establishment. You want your signage to always remain relevant to the public so you can draw in new customers every day. Use these tips to make your sign more engaging and help your store remain exciting for your existing and potential customer base. For additional reading, visit sign companies' websites.