3 Ways To Make Your Storefront Signage More Appealing To Customers

Your store is all about attracting new business, and you want to make sure your signage displays your products or services appropriately. The right sign will be seen from across a parking lot and will have a lot of engaging verbiage and hues to bring curious passersby inside. Here are 3 ways to make your storefront signage more appealing to your customers so you can keep your business growing strong.

Go modern

Classic block lettering may be easy to read for people passing by, but it doesn’t make your sign stand out among your nearby competitors. Go modern in your sign’s verbiage by using airbrushing to create an almost graffiti effect that gives you lasting appeal. Consider ombre hues that fade into different colors, such as yellow into green or blue fading into a lovely violet. When choosing airbrushing, it’s wise to choose a large, bold font with non-connecting letters so your sign is easy to read from a distance.

Opt for exciting verbiage

Use call-to-action verbiage that makes potential customers feel like they have something to gain by entering your store. Call-to-action verbiage includes:

  • Sale now, ends today
  • New customer discount
  • Refer a friend
  • Buy one, get one half off

Only use call-to-action verbiage that you are willing to follow through with, avoiding promises that sound too good to be true. Adding words such as ‘free consult’, ‘end-of-spring discount’ or ‘free fitting’ can help draw people in by offering something they need or want before they even walk in the door.

Change your sign often

Every few months you want to update your sign so it appears fresh and inviting. Whether you do this by changing around the verbiage, adding new color, or even placing your sign in a new location, you can keep your business fresh by making your sign different so customers don’t become immune to its overall message. Decorating your sign with large balloons, light borders, or even adding a digital sign to your business can help you remain fresh in your customers’ eyes.

Your sign tells a lot about your business, and is often the very first thing people see when they walk or drive by your establishment. You want your signage to always remain relevant to the public so you can draw in new customers every day. Use these tips to make your sign more engaging and help your store remain exciting for your existing and potential customer base. For additional reading, visit sign companies’ websites.

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Examining The Elements Of An Effective Logo Design

As a business owner, you most likely want the kind of logo that sticks out in the minds of your customers. If your business logo lacks any of the essential elements of memorable, effective design, potential customers may not remember you buy it. Learn more about the parts of design you need for coming up with the logo that’s hard to forget.

Simplicity Is Important For Consumers To Easily Remember

Logo designs that are complicated and have a lot going on in their artistry or fonts can overwhelm consumers and cause them to easily forget it because of that feeling being associated with it. Choosing simple designs and few colors can make for the most memorable and outstanding logos. For example, the simple yellow arches of the famous restaurant McDonalds is a fine display of logo simplicity.

Your Logo Does Not Need To Be Trendy, But Long-Lasting And Timeless

When you think of a style or fad that is trendy, you also consider it most likely will mot be for long, at least until the next trend comes along and replaces it. When it comes to your business logo, the last thing you want is it be replaced by something bigger and better later on. Choosing a design that will outlast the logos of your competitors is important. With the design that is timeless, your business will become a household name in more than one generation of consumers.

Versatility Means A Lot

Choosing a logo that is easily placed anywhere without disrupting it is best. For example, if you have a mailing list, you want your logo to fit nicely on the corner envelope while also being easily produced on a huge billboard sign. If your design is not uniform and you are unable to place it both vertically and horizontally without changing its original design, you become limited in your advertising options. One good way to test your logo for workable versatility is by considering being shrunk down and super enlarged. If you get the same effect both ways, you can bet it will be versatile in a variety of applications and mediums.

Correct Appropriation Is Vital

Selecting the right colors for your logo should only be done after you have given careful consideration to your targeted group of consumers. For example, if you sell a product intended for only kids, choosing bright, primary colors is a good idea. However, if you sell products intended for older people, a more conservative color choice would be best. Choosing appropriate colors is important for getting the best emotional response from your targeted group of consumers.

By choosing the most effective logo design early on in the development of your business, it has greater chances of helping become easily identifiable for consumers around the world for years to come.

To learn more, contact a company like Schickworks Signs & Stitches

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Front Side Vs. Back Side Acrylic Sign Printing: Which Is The Best Choice For You?

If you’re having an acrylic sign printed, one of the questions the sign manufacturer is likely to ask you is whether you want front side or back side printing. Understanding what each of these options really is, and the benefits of both, will help you make the correct choice for your business’s needs.

Front Side Printing

Front side printing is when the text and images on your sign are printed onto the front of the acrylic slab. Then, generally the “ink” is covered with some sort of fixative to prevent it from rubbing off too easily.


Front side printing gives your sign a matte look, which you may prefer if your business has a toned-down, rustic, or pop-art image. It also tends to be the cheaper option, simply because it is easier to apply the ink to the acrylic in this manner.


Some might consider the matte look of front side printing a con; these signs lack the sheen and light-reflecting luster of back side printed signs. Also, it can be easy to scrape the image off a front side printed sign because the ink is only protected by a fixative. If your sign is going to be displayed within the reach of customers or where it may be bumped by furniture, you may want to steer clear of front side printing because of the risk that your ink may be scraped off.

Back Side Printing

Sometimes known as “second surface printed,” back side printed acrylic has the ink applied to the back of the acrylic slab. Essentially, you are looking through a sheet of thin acrylic to see images and text.


Back side printed acrylic signs are hard to vandalize or damage. Even if someone scrapes the sign or writes on it, the acrylic can be cleaned or polished, and typically the image is still in good shape since it is printed on the back of the acrylic. This makes back side printing a good choice for exterior signs. Also, this type of sign has a polished, glossy look since you are peering through glassy acrylic to see the image.


In addition to being more costly to print, back side printed acrylic signs are also harder to keep clean because they attract fingerprints. If you place one within reach of people, you may find that you need to clean it often. This type of sign can also be hard to read in bright lights, since the light bounces off of its surface.

Both front side printed and back side printed acrylic signs are durable, lightweight options. Which is right for your business will depend on where the sign will be displayed, what look you’re trying to achieve, and how much you can spend. Contact a company like Sun Signs & Service for more information.

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5 Custom Signs that Can Ensure Your Wedding Day Is Less Stressful

Your wedding day should be a fun and exciting day, but it will also be quite hectic because there will be so much going on at any one time. People will need to be directed on where they need to go, where items are located, when everything is happening at the reception.

Having custom signs created for your big day will allow you to rest assured that everyone knows what is going on at all times so that you can relax and enjoy your big day with ease. The following guide lists a few signs that you need to have made for your wedding day.

A Sign Identifying the Wedding Chapel and the Reception Venue

When people are driving to your wedding or reception, they may not know where they are going. Have a sign created that indicates who the wedding is for and which direction the guests need to travel to get into the parking lot of the venue.

A Sign Identifying the Schedule for the Reception

When people come to a wedding reception, they need to know a general game plan for what will be going on during the reception. There needs to be a time to eat, give speeches, and dance. Creating a schedule allows everyone to know what to expect during your wedding reception.

A Guide Listing What Is Available on the Buffet

If you choose to have a buffet at your wedding reception, having a large guide created that lists what foods are available on the buffet will make the reception a little easier for parents. They can ask their children what they want from the buffet while they are seated so that the kids can wait at the table for them rather than standing in line with them.

A Sign for the Guest Registry

You will want guests to sign your registry for you so that you can have a lasting memory for every person that was at your wedding. Have a sign created that identifies where the table is located and what you want everyone to do.

A Sign for the Gift Table

Have a sign created that allows everyone to know where to put their gifts when they arrive at the reception. Be sure that the table is large enough to hold all of the gifts and that the sign is hung high enough that everyone will still be able to see it as gifts are piled on the table.

If you have all of these signs created, you can hang them in the appropriate places in your different venues to ensure that all of your guests are informed and directed as to where they need to be at all times. This will cut down on confusion and chaos, allowing you to have fun with as little stress as possible.

To learn more about creating these signs to fit in the theme of your wedding, consult resources like Prairie Signs (2000) Ltd.

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Ways To Make Your Product Labels Stand Out

With so much competition on product shelves today, it has become much more challenging to make your products stand out. In order to get your margins up, you must make every worthwhile effort to create a buzz around your product and get customers to notice it.

Product labels help your product stand out from the shelf, so they need to be unique, creative and captivating. There are no set rules when it comes to creating a product label that will give your products an edge over competitor products, but you can follow the following 2 guidelines to come up with a well-designed label that will increase your sales.


Colors are known to influence the interest level and purchasing decision of a customer, so be sure to invest time and thought when choosing how to color your product label. Bright colors such as red and yellow are more popular since they catch the eye, but they are not always appropriate. The right color choice for your product label will be determined by the coloring of the packaging container.

You want a label color that complements the container, and if the container is clear, consider the product itself to ensure the label won’t negatively interact with its color. Luckily, there are numerous online tools that can help you choose the right colors for your product labels or stickers, such as Colorblender and Adobe Kuler.

Additionally, make time to do a little competitive research to check out the coloring on competitor products so you can come up with something that stands out.


Fonts are a great aspect of your product label that you can use to your advantage. Go for a unique font that plays up the aspect of the product. For instance, use bold fonts for tough or masculine products such as men’s perfume or hard liquor, while fun or playful fonts can be used to capture the aspect of products such as spices or wine.

Remember that you literally have seconds to capture the attention of a customer, so try to make your fonts readable both from distance and from up close. Online resources such as Fonts.com and many others can offer you hundreds of fonts to choose from so you can get a unique design that works to capture the personality of your product.

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